Tuesday 11 December 2012

21st day on the plot

Weather: sunny with clear skies, no wind. But iron-hard frosty soil. Likely to be another hard frost tonight under the clear skies.

A quick walk up to the plot this afternoon, as an adjunct to a trip into Stoke town. I thought the sun might have been softened off the frost enough for a little digging and weeding, but found the ground frozen rock-hard with frost. Obviously the sun had had no effect at all...

Looks like we're in for a solid -2 and -3 degrees, right through Wednesday and into Thursday evening. Die weeds, die...! :)

Still, I was able to have a mooch and a sit, noticing various things that I wouldn't normally amid a session of digging. There's a seed propagator at the side of the shed that needs cleaning out at some point. Also a small hanging basket, which I might be able to put on the north side of the shed + rig up with a drip feed — so that it doesn't need to be watered every day.

I also took a better look at the shed roof. It doesn't need a complete re-roofing, just a few 3ft offcut strips of roofing felt to cover the cracks.

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