Saturday 4 May 2013

Beans meanz greenz

Weather: 12 degrees, another sunny day. Ground quite dry.

Up to the plot, after a week or so away. It was not the forest of dandelions and weed seedlings I though it would be. I think the weeds must be being kept down by the sparse rain.

Both sections of my plot had a thorough hoe-ing, to keep future weeds down.

I put a whole lot of fresh woodchip down, everywhere where it was needed.

Moved a few of the "weed bags" (winter weeds being left to rot down for two years in bin-bags) up to behind the compost heap. It's surprising how much they're "reducing down" in size already.

Planted four lines of broad beans ('The Sutton'), in the dusk after the bean-hungry pigeons had (I hope) gone home to roost for the night.

Filled up the water barrel, and watered the lower sections of the plot. I'm still on the lookout for a decent thin watering can.

I think it's now about the right time to get the super-powerful weedkiller on the couch grass in the upper sections, as its fresh leaves are coming up.

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