Tuesday 8 October 2013

Autumn is a'coming in

Weather: mild, overcast, a stiff westerly wind.

Up to the plot, after a while away. It wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. The tall grass at the top hasn't got taller. Sheltered plants seem to be still growing, and I had to hand-weed out the buttercups from the strawberry bed (which is in a shallow brick bed).

All the apples are now off the tree.

I did a basic hoe and clear, getting rid of most of the weeds.

Took up all the remaining onions.

Picked a few new courgettes. Most are dying back, but some are still producing flowers and courgettes...

Came away with courgettes, potatoes, spinach, onions. There are still potatoes left to lift, but they can stay in the soil for now.

I found a newly refurbished 'vole hole' in a little mound in the long grass at the top... I shall have to make a close inspection of the exterior debris and see I can find some species-identifying spoor.

A light first-frost is possible in the grass on Thursday night, according to the five-day forecast, when a rather stiff north wind will be a'blowing.

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