Saturday 17 October 2015

Ideas for the Stoke Neighbourhood Plan planning day

My ideas for the Stoke Neighbourhood Plan planning day today. Just a few of my own ideas and notions, so don't freak out if you see I've marked your shop-front for demolition! The big grey circles mean nothing - they were just on the 1:10000 map I found.

* Protect:

- Protect the south half of the Minster churchyard (the bit that's over the main road from the main churchyard).

- Make a new micro-park in the currently fenced-off and weed-filled south-west corner of Sainsbury's car park.

- Protect local allotments (Boothen and Richmond St.) from being built on.

* Re-open:

- Re-open the former public bicycle-path across the old Victoria Ground. Do not allow St. Modwen to re-route the cyclepath (when they build a new housing estate on the old football ground), such that the path ends up jammed right up against the A500 wall.

- Re-open the blocked-off footpath from Hunters Way (Hartshill) via the green back-lane of the Villas and down to the London Road Bakehouse - thus providing a green off-road footpath from Hartshill down to the lower end of the London Road.

- Re-wild the margins of the Fowlea Brook from North Street right the way down to the eastern edge of the Spode site. Do not allow future Spode re-development to wall itself off from the Brook.

* Build:

- Allow the University to expand onto the abandoned space at the back of Stoke Station (just north of the station's new back car-park). Don't keep waiting in vain for a chic modern hotel or conference centre to land there.

- Employment use should be preferred for the abandoned North Street / former Irish Centre sites.

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