Monday 11 July 2016

Hartshill Park in 1928

What a total pain the Britain from Above website's payment system is.

How it should work: See the aerial picture I want, send PayPal payment, get instant download.

How it actually works: See the aerial picture I want, send them an email. Wait 36 hours for a reply. Then click on link they give me in their email. Request a licence at that page. Wait for another email, containing a new link. Then purchase on the Web via an infernally complicated and very tiny pop-up VISA box, with microscopic text-entry boxes. (No option for PayPal, of course). Then get another email. Go to a page with a download link... Ugh. After the process failed twice, I just gave up.

Anyway, here's Hartshill Park and its land-use in 1928, shown as the valley-side in the distance...

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