Monday 29 January 2018

New £5m Woodland Fund, Stoke eligible

The new HS2 railway, phase one...

"officially starts early this year with a huge woodland creation programme, stretching from London to the West Midlands. Around seven million new trees and shrubs are being planted during the construction of HS2. The first saplings have now been planted, and will be followed by over 100,000 more by the end of this winter. Trees are a mix of more than 40 native species such as Oak, Elm, Field Maple, Hornbeam and Wild Cherry."

"In addition to the new woodlands along the railway, a separate £5 million HS2 Woodland Fund has been established. It opened for applications this month, and will help landowners up to 25 miles away from the route create new woodlands too."

Right then... more new small woods planted in Newcastle-under-Lyme/Stoke, anyone?

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