Wednesday 7 August 2013

In which I resolve never to buy Resolva again...

Weather: 66 degrees, warm and a bit overcast, almost no breeze.

Up to the plot to keep the weeds down with the hoe, and to give the top grasslands another weedkiller-ing. Perfect weather for it, as there was only the tiniest breeze once the sun went down. I got a big Resolva weedkiller for a fiver, heavily discounted at Sainsbury's, but just could not the damn system working in terms of producing any kind of spray. I put it all together correctly, and then worked at it for 30 minutes or so, trying everything. The tube wasn't blocked. I still had the receipt, so in the end was set to take it back and get my money back — when I remembered I still had the 1-litre Roundup sprayer bottle that I got from Tesco in the spring. So I carefully decanted the Resolva until it filled the Roundup bottle, and hey-presto was finally able to spray. I'm not buying Resolva again, at least not in that type of useless sprayer. I'll post pictures of the results in a month or so, to compare the effects of Resolva with the previous Roundup picture.

I took home another good haul of courgettes. About half a dozen of them are getting very large and turning into mini-marrows, so I've had to leave those. Even one of them weighs a ton. They might have be given away free at the gate on the coming Open Day... :) Bring your own fork-lift truck, to get them home...

A nice bag-full of potatoes was also dug up. Four of the potatoes plants have gone now. Half the main block of potatoes are definitely dying right back to nothing, but they're fine under the ground and are a nice size. The die-back doesn't seem to be affecting the potato plants that I popped into spare bits of ground elsewhere on the plot, to fill space. Nor does it seem to be spreading to the next door neightbour's potatoes. I did find a leatherback grub in the soil, so I wonder if some larvae have been chomping on the roots?

I took my first red onion home too. Despite the onion fly hitting them in the early summer they're looking ok on the outside and most are swelling up to normal onion size and hardness.

Still absolutely nothing happening with the strawberries, no flowers at all. Otherwise they look full of health, and are throwing out healthy runners. But they just don't want to make strawberries... :(

The new bee lavender is finally looking like it's establishing nicely.

Generally a feeling of the year turning, today. The faintest hints of Autumn around the corner... apples on the tree about a week away from tangy edibility...

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