Friday 24 November 2017

More 'fake news' from down south

"Bentilee – one of the largest estates in Europe – in Longport is overwhelmingly white working class, while Burslem, one of the original Pottery towns north of Hanley, is overwhelmingly Bangladeshi and Pakistani"

It's from the burblings of yet another idiot journalist from down south. Sussex, this time. He can be found pontificating about our city in the press today.

He's of course laughably and totally wrong: Bentilee is nowhere near Longport, let alone in it. And the two Burslem wards were overwhelmingly white at the 2011 Census — Burslem Central 83.5% and Burslem Park 90.3%.

Will these fly-by 'three hour visit' journalists ever get it right about Stoke?

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