Thursday 11 July 2013

Flowers 'n showers

Weather: another hot sunny day at 72 degrees, but with a nice stiff east wind on the hillside to keep things cool.

Up to my plot for another bout of showering it with the hose, and a little light hoeing. I've found a better walking route to the allotments, one which doesn't involve either the up-'n-down of Hartshill Park or the traffic of Stoke town centre — and which doesn't feel so very long.

Two of my best courgettes are coming into flower...

The honeysuckle on top of my shed is looking superbly bee-friendly...

I found a curious egg underneath the apple tree. Quite large, but I couldn't see a nest of that size in the tree. I suspect some magpie had pinched it from a larger tree nearby, perhaps from a pigeon nest...

I ate my first strawberry, which didn't survive long enough to be photographed :) The strawberry bed is now under hoops and netting.

The great red tea-roses coming out a-plenty now, and I dead-headed the fading ones to keep 'em coming.

Hauled some wood out of the skip, to help build up my bonfire stock.

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