Sunday 7 July 2013

Week o' heat

Weather: another warm and sunny day! A nice cooling north breeze.

Up to the allotment early to water with the hose and can, which seems needed given the heat we've got coming...

I also dumped another few loads of woodchip down on the path edge. Hauled a small slab and two nice bricks out of the skip that Gareth has kindly provided at the main entrance. Any allotment can always do with more bricks — I can't imagine why people throw away good bricks like that.

Took all the brambles out of the top hedge, and cut the hedge itself back a bit to give the blackcurrants room to breathe.

I was thinking I might do some digging in the cool of the morning, but by 7.30am it was already too hot in the sun. Any digging now a 5.30am job, methinks...

Two cheap discount-label additions to complete the "herb garden" on the bottom plot. Lavender for the bees, and some thyme — probably a bit too close together, but they can be chopped back once they establish...

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