Saturday 13 July 2013

Knotted hankie at the ready

Weather: hot, only light winds. Set to touch 80 degrees today.

The bored journalists in the mainstream media are diving right into Silly Season mode with KILLER HEATWAVE!!! scare stories today. "95F deadly heatwave" and "Heatwave to last a month - Today will be the hottest day in 7 years" squeals the Express. "Heatwave health warning" moans the Mirror. Broadsheets gravely warn the middle-classes: "don't go out in the midday sun". At least not without a knotted hankie on your head and a dripping choc-ice in hand :)

Still, it obviously is going to be hot today — so I walked up to the allotment plot early to water with the hose and watering can. Early enough, indeed, to be able to see Hanley looming poetically out of the valley mists...

My broad beans are starting to appear as bean pods, although pigeons are also starting to appear — to cast a beady eye over the plot :(

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