Friday 26 May 2017

The party manifestos: litter and dumping

A quick survey of the party manifestos, re: litter and dumping.

Conservative Party: "We will do more to reduce litter, including by supporting comprehensive rubbish collection and recycling, supporting better packaging, taking new powers to force councils to remove roadside litter and prosecuting offenders."

UKIP: One passing mention of litter, in a section on how plastic bottles can turn into ocean microplastics. To reduce ocean pollution "we will investigate the practicality of introducing a deposit scheme on plastic drinks bottles to encourage recycling".

Greens: No mention. But they would generally aim to "reduce plastic and other waste, including the introduction of Deposit Return Schemes [on bottles]".

Labour Party: No direct mention of either litter or dumping. But they would "set guiding targets for plastic bottle deposit schemes, working with food manufacturers and retailers to reduce waste."

LibDems: No mention of either litter or dumping. But they would "introduce a 5p charge on disposable coffee cups".

There are lots of "you can't mention that" gaps in the manifestos, on unsayable topics. But I find it curious that most of the parties can't even bring themselves to directly address one of the simplest and hottest of doorstep issues, an issue which affects urban and rural places alike.

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