Wednesday 19 June 2013

Bed down at the old bus station

Mike Wolfe suggests today making the old Hanley bus station into a temporary garden...

"fund some railway sleepers, with which local apprentices from PM Training could build raised beds and features to define spaces and create beauty among the concrete. Allotment holders and amateur gardeners could be asked to volunteer to plant these beds and be on hand occasionally to spread their love of the soil to the rest of us."

Not the best place for it, and the article is not one of his best sets of ideas. But he might be on to something with the possibility of offering free parking on the site, for those genuinely doing shopping in the city-centre. It would be great if a city-centre spend could be easily proven. For instance, if the general electronic payment systems used by shops could register a spend (of say, over £10?) in a particular location on a particular day — and then instantly ping that information through to your parking space, so as to refund the charge that you paid to park the car there.

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