Thursday 6 June 2013

Weed n' water

Weather: very warm and sunny. Light wind. Sunny weather forecast for right through to Monday.

Up to the allotments. A big light hoe-ing, and then a watering with the hose and with a new watering-can.

The new watering can was just £3 in Sainsbury's, on sale. And it was reduced further because I had a £1-off coupon in my wallet from my last groceries shop. So a fairly decent watering can for just £2, not bad. I'm glad I waited a bit...

I took the mesh off the broad beans. No-one else seems to keep the mesh on after their broad beans have come up a bit.

One of the courgettes has been nibbled by a slug, but it looks like it might survive and the rest are ok.

The lower two plots are now just about full up, and things might actually get a bit tight once the plants fill out. Time now to start on the third one, and also to start sorting out the shed interior a bit more. It's a bit jumbled and I haven't done much in there since I took over the plot in September and found it in that state.

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