Sunday 2 June 2013

Strawberry Sunday

Weather: another fine day, in a run of fine days. 21 degrees on the outside of the shed in the afternoon. Rather windy, the wind cool and fresh.

Up to the allotment to get some strawberries in. I was passing the Etruria Canal Festival yesterday, with all its many stalls, and got some cheap Elsanta strawberries there. Nine strawberry plants went into my raised bed today...

Handy tip for putting strawberries in at the end of May / start of June... nip out all the flowers, so the plants bulk up with leaves and runners and so give you a much bigger crop of fruit later in the year.

Elsanta are the supermarket variety, which many people think are tasteless. But that's apparently because they're grown in a forced manner and pumped up with water. If grown properly they apparently taste fine.

I don't usually do weekends at the allotment but I timed the visit rather well, since I met my new neighbour, a nice bloke who's recently moved up from London for his job. He's handily strimmed his half of the "wild patch" at the top, and there's a fence going up which will give the top third of my plot another useful wind-break.

Looking at the weather forecast I might need to get up there again on Friday afternoon, before the huge free Staffordshire University art & design graduation show exhibitions open at 6pm, and give the plot a jolly good watering.

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