Monday 8 April 2013

Big stain

Weather: the bitter east wind still blowing, bars of snow still lingering on the opposite side of the valley. Very hazy and patchy sun. 10 degrees on the west facing side of the shed.

Back up to the plot, to get the shed painted up with some wood preservative. It'd been dry as a bone for five years and possibly more, with nothing done to it. Even after one coat, it's looking a lot better...

I still need to fix back on a side-panel of the front fence, and then paint that with preservative too.

The basic compost bin is slotted and nailed together, and now just needs a piece of carpet cut and nailed as a semi-waterproof base layer, and a stained top with a bit of a board fixed to it, to keep it from getting drenched by downpours...

Nothing to put in it yet, but I can hope :)

Some things are starting to grow leaves, including the gooseberries which have their leaves out already...

It seems the frosts are gone, but the April showers are struggling to arrive. It'll be interesting to see what happens when things get a wetting. Lots of dormant weed seeds sprouting, I'd suspect :( But I guess that's good, as I can clear them off before I start planting.

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