Wednesday 10 April 2013

Mine's a pint of mild...

Weather: very mild when out of the light fresh wind. A strange haze and a feeling of rain on the way. Spring just around the corner, and 'for real' this time?

I got up to the plot for a short while this afternoon. The change from yesterday's bitter east wind was very noticeable.

I took advantage of a new woodchip delivery to get the front of my plot woodchipped, and also re-covered some of the wood-chipped areas around my shed and up the path on my side.

I painted up the last bit of bare wood that needs painting, the rustic panel along the side of the mint bed.

I moved down the little cold-frame, from its long-time and totally useless home up by the apple tree. It wasn't used for anything, and (being placed under the apple tree) the falling apples had smashed its panes of glass. It'd be a lot of work to try to cut and fit new glass for it, since the bolts holding it together are obviously designed to prevent dis-assembly. But... I'm thinking that six cheap clear perspex panels, and a tube of superglue, might get it working again approximately as intended.

The friendly robin is back, a very bold little bird. It was down inside my newly re-located cold-frame within minutes, flying in through the glassless sections, grabbing insects from the newly uncovered ground I'd placed it on.

Then down to Sainsbury's at Stoke town, which now has a big section of gardening stuff in — although the high prices certainly don't entice.

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