Monday 22 April 2013

Feeling seedy

Weather: cool at 10 degrees, but a mild calm wind. Cloud and overcast, sometimes threatening to spot with rain but never doing so.

Up to the plot to start to get some of the seeds in. First up was sorting the best of the Red Onion (Karmen) bulbs, planting up the two lines of the best bulbs. Then putting the leftover mankier bulbs in the strange "nothing grows there patch" that I noticed at the end of last summer, to see if they'll make something of it there.

Made some peg and string markers, by sawing up some lengths of bamboo.

Then I got the Garlic (Casablanca stiffneck) in, as two lines at the back, and then one big line all the way down the side of the path.

Finally I finished with getting some Perpetual Spinach (Leaf Beet) planted in three rows.

I couldn't get to water the seeds in, though. I hauled the old hose out of the shed and wrestled the knots out of it. It's long enough to reach to the nearest tap, but I'm obviously going to have to buy a connector if I want to get water into my barrel. I'm also going to need to get a watering can.

Put a bit more woodchip down around the shed. Hoed a few weeds and seedlings. Used the spade to dig out a few dandelions.

Still to get in: Potatoes; Rocket; Broad Beans; and the flowers, herbs, and some catnip. Courgettes too, but it's too early for them — they'll go in in early May if it's not too cold.

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