Thursday 11 February 2021

Roaming drone

I may have spotted an autonomous drone, the first I've seen. It was buzzing along in a straight level line parallel with the West Coast mainline at Etruria, going south to north, and did not appear to be under any human control. Possibly it was inspecting the West Coast Main Line by HD camera?

Wednesday 3 February 2021

Frosty, with a chance of bollocks

You can no longer believe a word of what's written about "weather warnings" in the legacy newspapers, if you ever could. Go look at the actual hour-by-hour day-by-day forecast, and every time you'll see it's just blatant clickbait.

Today it's claimed that a two-week 'ice apocalypse' is due from Iceland, headed for Stoke. What we actually have coming is wind from the east during five cold nights when it'll be a bit frosty in the early mornings and cold most of the day. That's all.