Sunday 30 September 2012

What to grow on the new plot?

What to grow on the new plot, once it's cleared? At present I plan to start with the easy and hardier plants. Luckily these also seem to be ones that I'll actually eat!

* Courgettes. Although it hot weather they need watering every day. Perhaps bottle drippers might suffice.

* Onions. Just the normal 'Spanish' type.

* Broad beans.

* Potatoes. Probably baking.

* Garlic. Stiffneck variety.

* Gooseberry bushes. These might be a bit expensive, possibly. For not much return. In the past I've found them prone to occasional complete defoliation by sawfly caterpillars in May. But it would be good to get some in.

* Rhubarb. This takes two years to establish, before you can pull a crop from it.

* Mint. I already have a small and rather forlorn-looking stand of mint, which I'll probably keep in.

* Wildflowers. A small stand of wildflowers at the top. The presence of docks there indicate a damper soil, so I suspect that they won't be the usual delicate "sandy soil" wildflowers. Possibly something more in the line of woodland plants such as Borage (edible) and Foxgloves. Maybe also a line of Lavender, to separate the flowers from the veg. Perhaps with some blue cornflowers flowering above the Lavender.

Celery seems a bit too advanced for a starter year. I love tomatoes, peppers, hot chillies, and mushrooms, but without a larger shed / greenhouse those are out of reach for now. But on the plus side, it looks like I'll have apples for free.

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