Monday 8 October 2012

Fifth day on the allotment

Weather at the allotment today: 12 degrees at 2.30pm, warming to 15 degrees at 4.30pm.

A couple of hours at the allotment this afternoon, fueled by a curry that was made delicious by two garlic cloves from the allotment. I didn't go up there at the weekend, as contractors were cutting down all the trees on the western side of the allotments all weekend, and I didn't fancy the constant noise of chainsaws. Don't worry, there were no trees there worth saving, and the light and air gained will benefit the beehives when they arrive.

* Picked all the litter that had collected along the south fence of the allotments.

* Took up some new green plastic garden sacks, to use as weed rotting-down sacks. Stuffed the old weeds into them, and started another bag with today's weeds.

* Dug over another row of soil, and took a large sackful of weeds and weed-roots out of it...

* Destroyed more slugs, gathered from the useful "slug-trap planks".

* Scraped the weeds off a little brick path I didn't know I had.

* Found a stainless knife in the soil, still sharp and un-rusted. Might be useful for cutting hand-to-get weeds in brick crevices.

I found a small mustard-coloured frog, which obviously likes the dampness around the mint bed. It hopped into a crevice before I could get the camera and photograph it. Nice to know that the site has frogs! Some of the allotments have ponds, and I'd guess a few of these get frogspawn.

I also encountered 'The Pigeon' again. It seems to be attracted to next door's bonfire pile for some reason. Perhaps it thinks the pile is some kind of giant nest?

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