Tuesday 5 March 2013

Hot stuff...

Weather: a gentle SW breeze. Very sunny and springlike. 10 degrees (15 degrees in the shed).

A perfect day for a bonfire, after the dry spell we've had lately. I heaped it up a bit, and dug into the centre, popped some newspaper and a few matches in there — and it went up like a rocket...

It all went perfectly, and I now have a nice ash mound for sprinkling around the gooseberries later in the month.

I thought I'd have to do a lot of hoe work, but the combination of dry weather and the cold nights means there has been very little growth on the dug-over plots.

I've paid my annual plot rent, and got my early seed potatoes stored in the shed and protected from frost. They'll be going in sometime in April.

Some pottery fragments I've so far found on the dug-over plot...

Interesting contrast between the blue Greek pattern and the French fleur-de-lyes. The two bottom fragments are old clay pipe stems.

And some spring buds by the shed...

I also managed to get rid of the big black bin bag of litter I'd collected on various litter-picking ventures along the roadside fence, as the committee currently have a handy skip on the site.

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