Wednesday 24 April 2013


Weather: very mild and warmish with a brisk west wind. Rather humid. 20 degrees on the side of the shed. Sunny, clouding up in the afternoon.

I got my shed's water hose sorted out, and able to be properly fitted to the nearest water tap (with Gareth's help). It works fine with a £1 B&Q connector, no leaks, and the big water-butt was filled up in about ten minutes. Fragments of that little green micro-weed which commonly infests ponds appeared on the water's surface, almost instantly :-|

I'm going to have to have a look at the other hose that's in the shed, as a connector-hose if I'm going to avoid using a watering can for the top plot. I did look at watering cans: B&Q too huge to dip into the butt; Poundstretcher wrong shape to get into the butt; Sainsburys only had dinky metal ones in bright pink. All too expensive. I want a cheap slim one for £2.99 or something.

I got my sprouting seed potatoes planted.

Fitted and nailed a bit of shaped carpet to the compost heap, to keep out most of the rain. Pulled some rhubarb, and its discarded leaves were the first things in the new "heap box".

"Free wood bonanza" time up at the clubhouse. I had some better planks, and a panel which might come in handy as a "prop-able" plant shader for when we get the intense heat. Also half a big railway sleeper, which I slowly walked down the path. It'll serve, for now, as a movable weed suppressor for the path-edge.

Along with the wood I also now have a roll of old roofing felt to patch up my shed roof with. Actually, thinking about it, I might also be able to roof the compost bin with it too.

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