Sunday 30 June 2013

Gro-more, hoe more

Weather: very humid after all the rain, very warm even in the early morning. Light wind, getting fresher by about 9am.

An early Sunday morning on the allotment. The usual hoe of the weed seedlings, and taking out some dandelions lurking under the woodchip path.

Picked the gooseberries, getting a good heavy bag's worth of them. They're all on the one large bush at present, though I hold out some hope for the others as they get their roots in.

Everything generally looking good... and Gareth kindly gave me some pelleted fertiliser and an old box of Gro-more to give the strawberries a boost.

I also cut down most of the tall grass at the 'wild' top of the plot. My large compost bin getting is rather full, already!

Some nice flowers: a purple lobelia-like wall plant, and my rose is coming into bud.

The courgettes establishing themselves very nicely. Still no slug attacks.

My onions have probably got onion-fly, but it's apparently very common on the allotments. Not much to do about it other than haul the bulbs out and probe'em for bugs, apparently.

Picked the first of the perpetual spinach. Yum!

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