Tuesday 9 July 2013

Shop bots

Weather: another hot warm day, with a light breeze.

Popped into Sainsbury's for a mini shop about 7.30am — absolutely no-one on the checkouts, so I was forced to use one of their infernal checkout machines. In future, if I need shopping before 9am I'll be going instead to Tesco in Hanley or Morrisons on Festival Park. I also note that Sainsbury's management is doing other evil stuff, like calling for a blanket sales tax on all Internet shopping. Yuk.

Then up to the plot to get things watered with the hose and watering can before the hot sun. Picked some rhubarb, although it's getting a bit manky now. Also a small harvest of the blackcurrants to go with it...

I put more woodchip down on the path edges. Weedkiller might be easier :)

Shaded the new lavender with planks, since it looked as though it wasn't coping well with the intense sun.

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