Friday 28 February 2014

And that was that...

Springtime is about to spring and, sad to report, I won't be tromping around on the allotment readying it for the new growing year. Due to a sore hip (which I hope is temporary), I felt obliged to hand in my notice on the plot about a month ago.

I do have to say that I won't miss the bill for the annual rent, nor the cost of the manure/fertiliser, the seed potatoes, the other seeds and plants, etc. All of which I reckon added up to more than the value of the crops I took off the plot, over the 15 months that I worked it.

But overall it was a good and useful experience. There are some grand fellows on the site who I was glad to make the acquaintance of, especially Gareth. If I ever take another plot or garden, as I may in some distant future years, then I'll be a lot more prepared and informed.

I may continue to post here on this blog, from time to time, about wildlife / allotment / footpath / litter / environment matters in Stoke.

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