Saturday 27 January 2018

'Seeing the wood for the trees...'

From the Yale School of Forestry Yale Environment 360 magazine...

"the American Forest and Paper Association, a trade association, concluded that most wood pellets produced in the U.S., both for domestic burning and for export to the U.K., were prepared from whole trees." (Dec 2017)

So the wood pellets that power our power stations are not quite made from the off-cuts and waste bits of timber that we'd been told about. It appears that "most" comes from whole and healthy hardwood trees, felled and shipped half way across the world to be burned for so-called 'green energy'. And don't forget that the UK domestic electricity bill payer is paying on average about £149 more on their bills each year, in order to fund the 'green subsidies' that pay for such mad schemes. This subsidy is expected to treble in cost to the domestic bill payer, over the next five years.

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