Monday 27 May 2013

Rank holiday

Weather: sunny and bright, light wind, 9-10 degrees.

Up to the allotment for three hours in the nice bright sunshine of the early hours of Bank Holiday Monday. The top section getting very rank now, but the rhubarb and currants there seem to be coping. I pulled some rhubarb, which is now looking as though it might win the battle with the surrounding grass if treated right. There's a nice foxglove coming through at the base of the apple tree, and the tree is scattering blossom with every wind gust.

The currants and the gooseberries are looking healthy. I think there may even be a line of gooseberries forming on one of the more vigorous bushes. Maybe the cold and gusty start to the summer has kept the gooseberry sawfly away.

I did a total hoe of my two growing sections.

I weeded and de-crapped my little square brick-raised bed, previously growing only bin-bags, leaving it as a nice fine tilthed seedbed. Not sure what'd going to go in there, yet. Maybe a courgette, but it seems a bit of a waste when something more exotic might benefit from the shelter and the "heat-island" effect.

At home, my little courgette seedlings are coming up on a south-facing window. The strongest of them should probably be ready for planting out in a few weeks...

The weedkiller-ed top bit of my allotment is definitely seeing the grass dying back and yellowing off, but it looks as though it may still need another litre of Weedol laying down on it the next time there's little or no wind. Some of the plants are obviously not succumbing. I'll have to see if Tesco still have any Weedol at the £3-a-bottle offer.

The broad beans and potatoes are coming through nicely, with only one or two "no-show" gaps in the lines.

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