Sunday 19 May 2013

Sunny Sunday

Weather: fine and warm, sunny and slightly humid after all the rain. Wind picking up through the morning, high sparse cloud flitting over. 8 degrees rising to 14 degrees.

A lovely early Sunday morning. The apple tree now in full blossom after the thorough soaking of the ground...

The little oak at the top of the plot also coming into leaf nicely...

I did a full hoe of the plot, the hoe edge going nicely through the thoroughly damp soil. The potatoes are starting to come through, hurrah!

I transplanted the sorriest-looking rhubarb down to a corner of the bottom plot, in the hope that in time it'll thrive there. If not, not much lost.

The big "third section" patch I weedkiller-ed five days ago has started to look patchily yellow, but there are no signs of serious die-back yet. But the process takes two or more weeks, so there's time yet. 31st May is the die-back target.

I covered the broad bean rows with some basic netting that I hauled out the shed, as the tips should be coming through soon — and I want to dissuade the pigeons from pulling them out. I think I've got some stiff hoops somewhere in the shed, so as the beans grow I may have to try making a netting tunnel.

I cleared out the bottom brick-square "seed bed", and did a basic weeding of what had remained lurking under the black plastic. Namely, four giant albino dandelions with tap-roots like sausages. I forked it over, but a fine-grained weed picking will have to wait for the next visit.

Got some pots and planted up half my courgette seeds at home.

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