Wednesday 8 May 2013


Weather: last of the hot sunny spring days before a week of showery rain rolls in. 25 degrees at 6 o'clock, lessening to 19 degrees by nine o'clock in the evening.

Up to the plot for a pleasant evening yesterday. I cut back, to the roots, all of the emerging bramble suckers up in the 'wild' top section. They'll come again I know, but at least they won't get a head start re: swamping the rhubarb / fruit bushes / oak sapling as they had done when I took over my plot.

I got my "too weedkiller" section marked out with bamboo pegs and coloured string. I now just need to wait until this showery weather passes. It needs a day when the weedkiller can be applied without it being washed off in a heavy shower, before it can do its deadly work.

The first leaves and flower buds are out on the apple tree...

And the chives that Gareth gave me are looking as though they may pop flowers any day now...

Planted two rows of microscopic herb seeds against the south-facing wall, and pegged the lines with string.

Some of the garlic lines I planted a week or so ago have shoots showing along them. Not much sign of the potatoes emerging yet, but judging from adjacent plots that's normal — since they have nothing showing on their potato ridges either.

Pulled more rhubarb! Yum. Gotta luv the antioxidants...

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