Tuesday 14 May 2013

Sun 'n spray

Weather: fine and dry after a week of heavy showers. Warm in the morning sun. SW breeze.

Up to the allotment, after being kept away by a week of heavy showers and high winds. The thoroughly saturating rain has brought the apple tree's blossom out, and made the "jungle" bit at the top look scarily verdant. So much so that I fear that the poor ol' rhubarb is going to get swamped. I might have to look at transplanting some of the rhubarb down into a lower open section.

I took advantage of a dry patch in the weather, and the relatively low wind speed, to get Roundup weedkiller onto the couch grass on my third section. With hopefully five dry hours for the plants to absorb it, before yet another wave of rain hits it. I emptied a litre on it, which was the last bottle on the shelf in an excellent half-price offer at Tesco. Got to be worth a try, for just £3. Apparently it takes 2-3 weeks to do its deadly work in gumming up the roots. But... it is mostly couch grass, so if nothing has happened by 31st May then I'll dose it with proper "ultrakiller" Roundup Ultra 3000.

Next door has put up a new low plank fence, which will usefully protect the top of my plot from the north wind. Not sure if he's going to go all the way down with it, or not.

Hoed out all the microscopic weed seedlings that the rain has brought up. Blackbirds and sparrows flitting about, coming very close.

The garlic is coming through nicely, but still no sign of the potatoes or broad beans. Gooseberries, chives, and lemon balm doing well...

I want to get courgettes and perhaps a few short lines of lettuce in, to complete the planting on the lower sections. But judging by this morning's temperature, and the brisk wind this week, it's really still too cold for them.

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