Friday 12 October 2012

And on the eighth day...

Weather at the plot today: 12 degrees and cold. Sunny day after a rainstorm. Very breezy with a cold south-west wind. One sharp shower, but otherwise a fine afternoon.

I walked up to the plot. All the sweet chestnuts on the tree in Hartshill Park are down, and the squirrels have scampered away with every seed they can lay their little paws on.

It was the first "under t-shirt and thick waistcoat day" on the allotment plot, today. Up until now a simple top has sufficed to keep me warm. I dug more of the lower plot, and plucked out another bag of weeds and weed roots. About two-thirds of my lower plot has now been cleared and cleaned...

The pile of rotting apples in the wild bit at the top of my plot seems to be attracting the occasional late butterfly, presumably to feed on the sugars in the fructation.

I also made a panorama picture of the tree-felling area, which is set to be a new bee-keeping glade...

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