Saturday 20 October 2012

The tenth day: 'dug for victory'

Weather at the plot: 15 degrees at 3.30pm, 14 degrees and chilling rapidly at 5.30pm. Very light wind, and high mostly clear skies.

Walked up to the plot this afternoon through Hartshill Park, for a go at digging out the weeds and weed roots from the final section of the lower plot. As you can see, victory...

And an apple as a reward...

Although the lower plot is going to need a hoe in a week to so, to keep down a few of the straggler weeds that are already showing a leaf.

I finally met Mr. Next Door the landscape gardener, named Stuart, who kindly agreed to let me take his unwanted large gooseberry bush out and replant it on my plot.

I also had a tour of Ben's (site newsletter and communications) plot, which is a fabulous patchwork of micro-climates and types of veg. I had the useful tip from him of "only water once a week" in warmer weather, since if you do it every day the plants don't put down deep roots.

More path bark-mulch has arrived in the big hoppers by the main gate, so I shall get some more of that down on my path next week.

To do next: transplant the rhubarb, take the gooseberry out. Start digging out a strip of the weeds on the next section up of the plot - so that I can get a line of the various gooseberries in before the first frosts.

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