Monday 22 October 2012

Got a hoe

I now have a hoe. No, I haven't been scampering around the back-streets of Cobridge with scantily-clad ladies. It's the other kind of hoe :) A B&Q Carbon Steel Dutch Hoe, for £6.50. It looks pretty sturdy, and I hope it'll enable me to skim weeds off the plot this winter, without trampling all over the wet soil and compacting it.

I had a look at the seeds while I was in there, and also spotted some of the Royal Society's beneficial root fungi 'Rootgrow', which I've heard great things about and which I shall probably get in the Spring. The ungainly B&Q website doesn't seem to know Rootgrow exists, but I found it's actually £2 cheaper than their shelf-price on the Daily Telegraph's gardening site.

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