Wednesday 10 October 2012

Seventh day on the plot

Weather at the plot today: 12 degrees, feeling quite cold in a blowy south-easterly breeze.

I went up to the allotments for only an hour today. The wind was turning cold, preparing to bring in the heavy rainstorm tomorrow morning. I just dug out a small L-shaped section, including one of the awkward "raised beds" corners, and yet still took half a sack of weeds and weed-roots out of it.

Discovered a nice crop of fungi growing from the roots at the side of the shed...

Also discovered that Mr. Next Door seems to have installed an alarm in his shed. But the battery seems to be running down. Hence it very loudly "chirrups" every two minutes to give warning, to the delight of some local caged birds who loudly reciprocate. Either that, or he's keeping a Really Big Bird in there.

I've decided to take a sketchbook up to the plot next time I go — not to sketch, but rather to macro photograph small objects isolated against white. When a page gets too muddy it can just be flipped.

Pot sunk in water bucket. Click for full-size.

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