Tuesday 9 October 2012

Sixth day on the allotment

Weather at the plot today: 15 degrees at 3.30pm, 14 degrees at 5.30pm. Very light but cold Easterly breeze.

I've broken the back of the lower section of the plot, without (as yet) breaking my own back. Three bags of weeds and weed roots have come out so far, and I reckon there's another three to come. Another half to go, but I can see progress...

The work is a little easier now, as I'm getting better at the fork-craft and at taking out the weeds.

At some point, before the worst of the Autumn gales, I need to unfold the plastic sheeting, remove slugs and mud from the sheets, and either fold or roll it into a state where it's easily layable without it flapping in the wind.

"The Pigeon" made a low-flying reconnaissance mission, but didn't stop. I'm guessing the best time to sow peas and beans (which the birds apparently love and will dig up) will be the edge of dusk, when birds are roosting for the night.

Mr. Next Door (a landscape gardener who has only recently taken his plot over) has put up a useful little boundary fence at the bottom, which also means a big new plastic water-butt is indeed on my plot and is mine. Useful.

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